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EventsOasis Festival Into The Wild: Ouarzazate Edition – A Mesmerizing Journey of Moroccan Electronic Music and Culture
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Oasis Festival Into The Wild: Ouarzazate Edition – A Mesmerizing Journey of Moroccan Electronic Music and Culture

Ouarzazate, the enchanting city nestled amidst the stunning Atlas Mountains and the breathtaking Sahara Desert, is all set to be the new destination for music enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike as Oasis Festival returns with its much-anticipated “Into The Wild” edition. Building on the resounding success of its latest edition in Dakhla, Oasis Festival is embracing the uncharted beauty of Ouarzazate, known for its historical significance and captivating landscapes.

The “Into The Wild” concept, introduced in the Dakhla edition, took festival-goers on an extraordinary journey through Morocco’s natural wonders while celebrating the country’s rich cultural heritage and its vibrant electro music scene. The fusion of music, gastronomy, and the art of living created an immersive experience that left attendees with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the treasures of Moroccan electronic music.

For the upcoming Ouarzazate Edition, Oasis Festival has once again curated an impressive lineup, featuring both local and international DJs, with a particular focus on the thriving Moroccan electro music scene. The stage will come alive with the magnetic sounds of artists like Honey Dijon, the celebrated icon of the house music scene, and the visionary DJ Koze, renowned for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. The lineup also includes the soulful melodies of Nooriyah, a rising star in the Moroccan electronic music scene, the energetic beats of Nomads, known for their fusion of traditional Moroccan rhythms with electronic elements, the captivating vocals of Kawtar Sadik, an influential figure in the country’s electro music landscape, and the dynamic performances of Capra, a local talent known for blending indigenous sounds with contemporary electronic beats. This diverse array of Moroccan talent promises an eclectic mix of sounds that will resonate with every festival-goer and showcase the vibrancy of the country’s electronic music culture.

The chosen venue for this edition, the renowned Atlas Studio, adds an element of cinematic allure to the festival. Having been a location for blockbuster productions such as The Mummy and Gladiator, the studio’s awe-inspiring surroundings, framed by the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, offer a picturesque setting that perfectly complements the festival’s immersive experience.

Oasis Festival’s “Into The Wild” Ouarzazate Edition is not only a celebration of music and art; it’s a testament to Morocco’s rich heritage and its commitment to showcasing the beauty of its diverse destinations and the thriving electronic music scene. Through this unique event, the festival aims to spotlight the magic of Ouarzazate and the talent of its local electro music artists, inviting attendees to explore the city’s historical sites and be enchanted by its captivating landscapes and vibrant music culture.

As the festival-goers embark on this mesmerizing journey, they are sure to discover the harmonious synergy between music and nature, immersing themselves in the vibrant rhythms of Moroccan electronic music while being surrounded by the untamed beauty of Ouarzazate. With every beat of the music resonating through the Atlas Mountains, and the warm desert breeze intermingling with the melodies, this edition of Oasis Festival promises to be an unparalleled adventure, celebrating both the spirit of electronic music and the essence of Moroccan culture.

As anticipation grows for the Oasis Festival Into The Wild Ouarzazate Edition, music lovers, travel enthusiasts, and culture admirers alike eagerly await the chance to be part of this magical celebration of Moroccan electro music and soul. Mark your calendars for the Ouarzazate Edition, where the realms of music and nature converge in an unforgettable symphony, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of all who join this mesmerizing journey of music and Moroccan electro music culture.

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The Moroccan Electronic Music - Electro Music Maroc

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