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EventsRAK Electronic Returns to Agafay Desert for Unforgettable New Year Celebration
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RAK Electronic Returns to Agafay Desert for Unforgettable New Year Celebration

A Night of Surprises and Electric Vibes Await Electronic Music Enthusiasts

Marrakech, Morocco – In a much-anticipated comeback, Rak Electronic is set to kick off the New Year in grand style with their signature HNY gig. After a mesmerizing event in Terra Jenna last year, Rak Electronic returns to its favorite spot, the enchanting Agafay Desert, to celebrate the arrival of 2024 with electronic music enthusiasts in Marrakech.

Known for curating events with unparalleled good vibes and an infectious energy, Rak Electronic invites attendees to embark on a sonic journey into the realms of minimal tech , micro-house and groove music. The event will showcase a stellar lineup featuring renowned artists such as @anaslebelage, @signorvicente, @ramonayacef, @redpigflower, @soleil_everywhere, @sweethis_, and @zakaria_muzik. Brace yourself for a night of pure musical bliss as these artists take the stage and immerse the audience in their exceptional beats.

The festivities begin at 6 PM and continue through the night until 10 AM, ensuring an electrifying 16-hour experience for sunset revelers and steadfast partygoers alike. Join the celebration for the ultimate sunset and stay for the sunrise, as the beats continue to pulsate through the Agafay Desert.

For the true electronic music aficionado, Rak Electronic promises an all-inclusive experience, a non-stop 16-hour musical journey from sunset to sunrise, creating an unforgettable night under the star-studded desert sky. Breaking fast will be a communal experience starting at 6 AM, where attendees can rejuvenate and refuel, ensuring they have the energy to dance into the morning hours. The organizers have thoughtfully included this break to enhance the overall experience, allowing participants to recharge before diving back into the beats.

*This underground event will be devoid of backstage or VIP tables, creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can revel in the magic of electronic music together.* The event will take place at the picturesque AGAFAY Camp venue, offering a unique and immersive setting for music lovers to revel in the tunes of the electronic scene.

This year’s Rak HNY2024 is poised to be a landmark event for Moroccan electronic music enthusiasts, and the lineup features a diverse array of talents to cater to a broad spectrum of musical tastes. Attendees can expect a seamless blend of beats, rhythms, and melodies that capture the essence of the vibrant Moroccan electronic music scene.

As the night unfolds, Rak Electronic promises a series of surprises that will elevate the New Year celebration to new heights. From special guest appearances to unexpected musical collaborations, the organizers have curated an evening filled with twists and turns to keep attendees on the edge of their seats.

Rak HNY2024 is not just a music event; it’s a cultural phenomenon that brings together like-minded individuals to celebrate the unity and diversity of electronic music in Morocco. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary 16-hour experience and welcome the New Year with open arms, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Agafay Desert.

For ticket information and event details, visit the official Rak Electronic website. Prepare for a night that transcends the ordinary, where the beats resonate with the heartbeats of electronic music lovers, and the desert comes alive with the magic of Rak HNY2024.

Note: Stay tuned for updates and follow Rak Electronic on social media for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and announcements.

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