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EventsSaga by Bedouin lands in Marrakech x Secret Events 2024
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Saga by Bedouin lands in Marrakech x Secret Events 2024

Attention Moroccan electronic music devotees! Prepare yourselves for a groundbreaking event unlike any other. Secret Events unveils its 2024 program, culminating in the inaugural Moroccan edition of Saga by Bedouin on April 26th in Marrakech. This highly anticipated event promises an immersive sonic and visual experience, meticulously crafted to ignite the passions of electronic music aficionados.

The lineup boasts a stellar curation of international DJs, featuring the iconic Carlita and the legendary duo Bedouin. Be prepared to be captivated by Carlita’s renowned ability to craft mesmerizing sets and curate unique soundscapes, taking you on a captivating musical odyssey. Bedouin, on the other hand, will weave their magic through a signature blend of ethnic and electronic sounds, creating an unforgettable tapestry of sonic delights.

Elevating the Experience: A Celebration of Global and Local Sounds

Further elevating the experience, renowned Moroccan artists DIDISS B2B NAIT will also grace the stage. Their inclusion reflects Secret Events’ unwavering commitment to fostering and celebrating the vibrant domestic electronic music scene. This powerful fusion ensures the event resonates deeply with local audiences, creating a truly unforgettable experience for all attendees.

A Production Pushing Boundaries

The magic extends far beyond the impressive lineup. Secret Events has meticulously crafted an extraordinary production, guaranteed to exceed all expectations. Unlike anything ever witnessed in Morocco, the festival will envelop attendees in a captivating setting. This meticulously designed environment promises an unparalleled sensory experience, transporting you to the heart of the electronic music revolution.

Witness electronic music royalty, experience the brilliance of local Moroccan talent, and be part of a groundbreaking production unlike any other. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the magic of sound and music at Saga X Secret Events on April 26th, 2024.

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The Moroccan Electronic Music - Electro Music Maroc

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